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Founded in 1985 by Sri Sheik Karimulla, M/s Karimulla Shaw Qadari Industries has been Constructing RCC-Chimney’s, manufacturing of different types of high quality refractory bricks, ball clay powders, fireclay mortors and Boiler’s refractory lining, erection and commissioning works etc.,. In its early days, M/s Karimulla Shaw Qadari Industries was only a ball clay powder manufacturer and supplier, A phenomenal growth fuelled by the dynamic leadership of its founder Mr. Karimulla, M/s Karimulla Industries has fast grown and entered into manufacturing of Refractory Bricks.

The year 2005, said to be a mile stone in the thriving journey of M/s Karimulla Shaw Qadari Industries, when Mr.Sheik Hasena becomes the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. A post graduate in engineering, he decided, the industry motive is not only manufacturing and selling the refractory bricks and materials. But the end user must be satisfied with the quality of the material.

The end user…..may be a customer, a company or an industry etc., they shall be satisfied only, when the complete refractory work must be completed with the quality and within a stipulated time. This commitment driven M/s Karimulla Industries to enter into the Turn-Key based construction projects, such as RCC-Chimney’s Construction, Boiler refractory lining, erection and commissioning etc.,

RCC-Chimney’s Construction is the brainchild of Mr. Sheik Hasena, driven by core values of Quality and time bound commitment.


Our mission is to serve the customer with Quality and time bound commitment.


We pledge to establish enduring relationships with our customers beyond their expectations and gaining confidence through exceptional services.

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