RCC Chimneys Construction

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  • Corporate Office & UNIT-I :
    M/s Karimulla Shaw Qadari Clay Grinding Industries
    Polasanipalle (village),Bhimadole (Mandal) – 534425
    West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.
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  • info@karimullaceramics.com

RCC Chimneys Construction

We are RCC-Chimney Construction Company, aims to offer our services to clients involved in developing new projects or in the production of Power Plants, Cement Plants, Dairy & Food Industries, Agro Industries, Paper Industries, Modern Rice Mills, Steel Plants and any kind of Industrial Plants where chimney’s and refractory lining are part of the production process. The Company has an extensive market, with particular focus in South India.

Company Profile:

Established in the year 1985, we “Karimulla Shaw Qadari Ceramics Company” are well experienced and specialized in RCC Chimney Construction. This is our successive 31st year, the only thing which drives our company is quality. Quality has always been our first priority, that is what the reason we manufacture by our selves, the Inter locking refractory cupola bricks. These refractory bricks have been used inside the chimney for heat proofing and withstanding high temperatures. These refractory bricks plays main role as far as the chimney and boilers life is considered.

Company Activities:

The Company activities are based on the following product Lines:

  • New RCC-Chimney Construction Works
  • Boiler Refractory Works
  • Chminey and Boiler Repair works

RCC-Chimney’s are the best and long standing why?

Let us see…

  • RCC-Chimney’s have longer life, compare to MS Chimney (Iron chimney) the life of RCC-Chimney’s are 90% more.
  • RCC-Chimney’s are self supporting chimneys, unlike ms chimney they does not require supporting cables.
  • Hence they does not require supporting cables, RCC-Chimney’s consumes very less space.
  • RCC-Chimney’s are considered as shock proof, as the body is a concrete structure.
  • RCC-Chimney’s does not require periodical maintenance like rust proof coating, painting, supportive cables strength checking etc.,
  • Lightening arrestors and aviation lamps can easy be installed at any time with ease.
  • Easy to erect LADDER with more space and safety hoop guards from bottom to top of the chimney.
  • Does not require higher capacity cranes for erection and installation, thus saves more money.
  • Cost wise not much difference between RCC-Chimney’s and MS Chimney’s.
  • Finally the red and white painted colored strips shall gives not only a great look, but also satisfies the norms of the pollution control board.