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  • Corporate Office & UNIT-I :
    M/s Karimulla Shaw Qadari Clay Grinding Industries
    Polasanipalle (village),Bhimadole (Mandal) – 534425
    West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.
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We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Bentonite Powder. We are engaged in the manufacturing of best quality Bentonite Powder since 1985. We are manufacturing Bentonite Powder using latest technology.

The following are Grades in Bentonite Powder:

  • Piling Grade
  • Drilling Grade
  • Foundry Grade
  • Earthing Grade
  • Construction Grade

Piling & Drilling Grade: At the time of boring for Pile, the sides of the bore hole are subjected to ample external forces due to underground water and it creates pressure like active earth pressure, pore pressure, hydrostatic pressure etc., As a result the side of the bore become unstable and may collapse if the soil layers remain weak. To counter the external pressures and stabilize the sides of the bore hole, Bentonite Slurry being used inside walls of the hole.

Foundry Grade: Bentonite is used as a bonding agent in the preparation of moulding sand for the production of cast iron, steel, and non-ferrous casting. The unique properties of bentonite yield green sand moulds with good flowability, compactability, and thermal stability for the production of high quality castings.

Earthing Grade: This earthing powder is used in a variety of applications of electronics, electrical and other related industries. These materials are developed to enhance the conductivity. It reduces the earthing resistance in all kinds of soil structure (such as rock, sandy soil) and an ideal material for soil of weak conductivity. It has got the high melting temperature which helps to withstand under high fault currents. The good humidity factor keeps the moisture level well in the surroundings of the electrode.

Company Profile:

Established in the year 1985, we “Karimulla Shaw Qadari Ceramics Company” are well experienced and specialized in RCC Chimney Construction. This is our successive 31st year, the only thing which drives our company is quality. Quality has always been our first priority, that is what the reason we manufacture by our selves, the Inter locking refractory cupola bricks. These refractory bricks have been used inside the chimney for heat proofing and withstanding high temperatures. These refractory bricks plays main role as far as the chimney and boilers life is considered.

We are one of the south india’s prime manufacturer of Ball Clay Powder. We supply ball clay, in lumps form or in powder form. This ball clay being used in many applications through out the world.

Ball clay powder is used in Vitrified Tiles manufacturing, Ceramic ware, Piling, Drilling, as gumming agent, casting process, fertilizer granules and in many more applications.

Special Grade, First Grade, Second Grade and Washed Clay. The above types of clays are available both in lumps, powder form.